Carpet Cleaning Tips from the Experts

When it comes to carpet cleaning, you have to be very particular about the spots on your floor, especially when it comes to high trafficked areas. If you’re in charge of ensuring that your floors are in perfect shape, then you should learn how to spot flaws in your carpet.

Among the things that you have to know is the difference between stains and spots. A lot of people interchange spots with stains but these are two different entities. If you understand the difference between stains and spots, then it is easier for you to address them.

Learning More about Stains

Stains have to be removed from your carpet’s fiber at the moment it stuck. You have to remove the spots on the carpet fiber before it gets absorbed. Otherwise, it becomes a part of the fibers. The stains that cover the carpet fiber contain acid that is similar to the dyes that are used in coloring carpets. Spotting agents may also affect the shade of your carpet. It is important that you use it with care.

A prevalent error in washing stains is the failure to identify the issue right away. They have to use the right detergent as well. Identifying stains and spots can be done in various ways. A good way to do it is by checking its appearance. If the stain looks shiny, then it is likely to be oil-based. If it is crusty, then it is sugar-based. Another good way to know what stain it is would be to feel it. Wear gloves and touch the stain. The stain that didn’t alter the carpet’s texture is a type that is used to dye it. But if it comes with its texture, then it is a spot and not a stain.

What to Do About It

Once you know the difference between spots and stains, it would be easier for you to handle them. The usual way of removing stains is through dry solvents. Don’t use water-based solvents for oil-based stains as these two don’t mix.

Another problem with spots on carpets is the fact that they may reappear after a day or two. This process is called wicking and it usually results when soil migrates from the fibers of the carpet. Since the spots removed was only on the ones that were found on the carpet surface, if it comes back then it only means that there’s stain deep within the fibers.

How to Properly Handle Stains

When checking the stains, consider more than what meets the eye. Try to look at the back of the carpet, if possible. That’s how you know the extent of the stain. A spill can spread out easily, especially if it is a liquid stain.

Avoid spots from reappearing by blotting it. Be sure that it is dry. Spotting usually happens when the air moves to dry the carpet fibers. The trick is to dry the carpet a whole lot faster so that wicking won’t occur. If you need help, you can simply call the experts in carpet cleaning Chandler AZ.